Top 10 Things to Pack for a Sea World Adventure (or Other Theme Park)

To pack for a theme park, especially Sea World in San Antonio, we always have to prepare in advance and order some essentials for Amazon! 

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Top 10 Things to Pack for a Sea World Adventure!

1 - Swim Suit/Swim Trunks/Swim Diapers

*Whenever we travel, we ALWAYS pack a swimsuit and 1-2 swim diapers, because you never know when you will have a great opportunity to swim in the pool!

2 - Digital SLR/Camera

*This has been our ABSOLUTE favorite camera for travel. It is small enough to place in a backpack for a theme park adventure (or airline travel), but powerful enough to capture each travel memory without experiencing worries associate with BLURRY or DARK photographs. Love this camera!


3 - SD Card

*This SD card is our card of choice when traveling! Great for capturing videos and awesome for usage as a backup card hidden in your backpack for crisis occasions! :) 

4 - Refillable Water Bottle

*These are NICE! Great for hauling water around the park without the peril of icy-cold hands and great for just packing in your bag for a just-in-case item (also, this will be great for air travel)!

5 - Sunscreen

*Great package sunscreen for water rides and Shamu's splashes during his famed shows!

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6 - Portable Charger

*This charger is our charger of choice for EACH travel adventure! The Anker charger is especially important when Periscoping or live tweeting at theme parks! Essential item!

7 - Wipes

*Yay for wipes! These are great for preparing for any mishap or food adventure that could occur on the way to the park, at the park, or going from the park! :)

8 - Sea World App

Here's the link to the Sea World App on iTunes and Android.

9 - Mister

*These are the CUTEST travel-based, packable fan misters for theme parks! With these, you can FLY to the park and walk around the park with one or more of these fan misters because they are small, but they are packed with mister (cooling) power!

10 - Popcorn Container/Souvenir Cup

*Pick up one of these from the park! Usually these are refillable upon each visit! 

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