8 Tips for Planning All-Inclusive Carnival Cruises with Toddlers - An Affordable Family Vacation

Last year, we planned the trip of a lifetime for our toddler. This special trip involved a ROAD TRIP to Galveston, TX and then abroad our little one's first cruise ship! The itinerary for our toddler-centric cruise included four nights and five days aboard the Carnival Triumph cruise ship from Galveston to Cozumel.

It was an amazing 48 hour planning period for a great (almost spectacular rate). I pre-scheduled those days away from work (around 4 months ago), but I did not have anything special planned for our family. Two nights prior to the trip, I decided to be spontaneous for once and to begin a travel via a Carnival Cruise ship to Cozumel!

I was always skeptical of traveling with a toddler on a ship. My fears included running out of diapers, running out of food she likes (cereal at the moment), and the moment of "we do not have ANY help on this ship". However, WE MADE IT and YOU CAN TOO!  This is a post dedicated to vacation ideas for families with toddlers.

Check out our recap of the 48 hour planning and packing period - Yes, You Can Plan a Family Cruise in Less Than 48 Hours! - Our Cruise to Cozumel.

Here are Eight Tips for Planning a Carnival Cruise Experience with a Toddler

1 - Make sure your toddler is settled in the cabin as soon as board the cruise ship. 

There are always a kid-centric movie on the television, but the iPad always helps as well!

2 - Remind your little of the importance of staying away from the rails. :)

3 - Eat! 

The food is always delectable aboard a cruise ship AND the selections will satisfy the appetites of everyone in your party, especially picky toddlers. 

Dad liked the Carnival selections as well!

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4 - Remember to take in the sights aboard your cruise ship! 

We kept emphasizing words in Spanish and English (uvas, agua, etc.)

5 - If all else fails, the items in the room (yes, that's the trash can) can satisfy the interests of your toddler!

6 - Dine in the Formal Dining Room 

We enjoyed the formal dining room experience for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was great for teaching table manners and served as an amazing entertainment experience for our toddler (and mom and dad too)!

We did not want to miss the experience that we enjoyed as a couple before having our kiddo!

7 - Identify the towel animals on the deck each morning and in your room each night.

8 - Take an excursion with your toddler. 

Yes, we said your toddler! In fact, we traveled with our toddler to a farm tour where we encountered tried and true growing techniques and even a beach stop!

It was a spectacular trip! I wonder where we will travel next!

What else would you add to our toddler-centric list for Carnival Cruise Lines experiences?

Let us know in the comments!


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