Our Visit to Dinosaur World - Texas in Glen Rose!

Since our daughter is fascinated by dinosaurs, Daddy took her to Dinosaur World - Texas in Glen Rose.  This is a great outdoor learning experience for children of all ages. It's not too far to travel Glen Rose from Dallas or Fort Worth.

There are several life size dinosaurs to view.  It feels as close to Jurassic Park as you can get.

By each dinosaur or set of dinosaurs, there is a stone with description of each dinosaur.  Children can learn the scientific name and interesting facts about each dinosaur.

The little one was so excited to see the dinosaurs Daddy could hardly keep up with her!

Since our little one is a toddler, we practiced counting the dinosaurs and describing the colors we saw while outside.

Lots of dinosaurs to count here!

At the Boneyard, children can look for bones and play in the sand.

The on-site Museum contains many fossils and related artifacts.

Older kids will enjoy the scheduled Fossil Digs.

Our daughter LOVED the playground!

We highly recommend Dinosaur World - Texas in Glen Rose and will definitely visit again soon!

Have you visited Dinosaur World or Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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