Five Wish List Items for Airlines to Provide for Traveling Families

During the past few months, we have been fortunate to travel with our family to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Diego via air (some of these were even weekend trips). This has been a great learning experience for our little one and it has been a great writing experience for me as well!

As we flew to Las Vegas, I had a great brainstorming moment and I thought of ALL of the things that I wished that the airline would provide for parents who fly with their children and here's the list!

Five Wish List Items for Airlines to Provide for 
Traveling Families

1 - Triangular Crayons and Coloring Sheets
Why not? These are available in hotels and restaurants across the United States. These two items keep children occupied when waiting for their food, why not a flight? Heck, I would even be willing to purchase these along with the snacks available on the plane.

2 - Pulldown Changing Tables in the Airplane Restroom.
Yes, these are amazing helpers for mothers with infants, father with toddlers, and grandmothers traveling with them. These changing tables (and accompanying liners) enable parents to change their little one without sitting on the toilets with a small child positioned across their lap. Safer, right?

3 - Toddler/Preschool-Sized Headphones for Toddler/Preschooler Craniums
My little one loves her (actually my) Beats headphones, but they always fall forward or backward when she is viewing a movie or playing a game. It would be great to purchase toddler-sized, travel necessities for small ones who need to "tune out" the activities around them while relaxing on a plane (or a train or hotel.

These were only $7.95 on Amazon! Great deal!

4 - Snack Packs for Toddlers
I always purchase Good Bag for Kids packs before traveling with my preschooler. The packs feature a great, healthy snacks and sometimes bouncy toys for preschoolers on the go. A great option for families who need gluten and allergen-free items. We are always concerned about foods with nuts.Sometimes they have coupons for products featured in the packs. It would be great to have preschooler-friendly items for purchase when traveling on an airplane.

5 - Complimentary Wipes for the Tray Table
It does not seem that this would be too much to ask for when traveling on a plane. When you receive your coke, water, or tea (a must for me), it would be a great to receive a wipe with your drink. The drinks usually arrive when the seat belt sign removed from the display.

These are especially handy when the toddler or preschooler first becomes restless on the flight. We have usually have coloring books and crayons in our backpack, but it would be great to place these items on a clean tray.

*As you can tell in our prior post about spills with air
tight container, sometimes the wipes you have in your carry-on bag are essential for keeping your neighbors happy when spills occur.

What would be present on your "wish list" when traveling via air with your family?

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