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Experiencing the Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World San Antonio!

The Seven Seas Food Festival at Sea World San Antonio is over now, but we enjoyed it so much we decided to write a blog post about the experience! 

This one-of'a kind, food festival is a special treat for any guests who visited the park during that time period. This event featured tastes from the following regions of the world: Mediterranean, North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, North Pacific, Pacific Ocean, and the South AtlanticWe made a special trip to San Antonio to visit this Festival, because we saw everyone's social media posts about the event!

We love to introduce our little one to different cultures, experiences, and activities (including music, art, etc.). This was a great way to educate her about different countries without having an actual passport. :)

We even got a cool badge!

We purchased two food samplers and received six punches on two cards (12 punches in total). 
Each punch represented a different food.

We began the festival with great Jamaican food!

This is a Curry Chicken with Potatoes dish from Jamaica!

This is the passion fruit custard from Jamaica!

Each station also featured an interactive activity or a sculpture to view. This was a neat experience in the Italian section of the Seven Seas Food Festival and it featured neat creations made from pasta. Yes, EVERYTHING was made from pasta!

Even this!

And this!

Mediterranean food!

We had these two items!
Shawarma with Skhug Sauce - Chicken Shawarma finely sliced off the post and served on warm pita bread with tomatoes and cucumbers.
Seared Quail - Drizzled with a sweet grape syrup and served over fresh TabboulehWe were able to listen to great Latin Music at this section of the park!

Drummers honoring Japan!

We finished the festival with a tasty dessert!

What's your favorite international dish?

We even got to meet Chef Virginia Willis and learn cooking tips!

Here is more information about Ms. Willis!

We even got to taste one of her shrimp dishes!

To discover other's experiences during the Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival, visit Sensibly Sara's post about the event!

Disclosure: We enjoyed this Sea World Experience as a #Wildside15 blogger experience by receiving free park passes for our family. We paid for the Seven Seas Food and Wine Festival passes 
with our own funds.

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