The Sesame Street Bay of Play at Sea World San Antonio!

Parents - We admit, it is difficult to find nationally-themed adventures and experiences for your child without traveling outside of Texas. Our little one loves Sesame Street and we wanted her to have the Sesame Street experience within the state of Texas. We looked no further than San Antonio...SeaWorld San Antonio to be exact!

Seaworld San Antonio offers an amazing Sesame Street Bay of Play that my little one has experienced throughout the past couple of years. The Sesame Street Bay of Play offers several rides, fun-filled shows, playground, and a splash pad (the Little Bird's Splash).

If you have a little one who loves Sesame Street, definitely take them to the Sesame Street Bay of Play at Sea World when you visit San Antonio!

Dad and Daughter were able to ride Big Bird's Spinning Reef while mom attended AdventureCon15!

Big Bird's Spinning Reef is a "do not miss" experience for your preschooler! The ride can be experienced by parents and their children!

Here's one of the playfully painted Ferris Wheel cars.

Dad and daughter were also able to ride Elmo's Dolphin Dive! This is a big hit!

Our little one loved Grover's Round Up, a Sesame Street-themed carousel!

Look at her go!

The little one was even tall enough to ride the Shamu Express! This will probably be your little one's first roller coaster! Capture the expereince!

Beneath the Net Climb, you will find a toddler play area called Tots Ahoy, designed for kids 3 years old and younger.

You can also take pictures with the Sesame Street characters and watch them perform!

Go Big Bird, Go Grover, Go Cookie Monster, Go Ernie, Go Abi! :)

Whenever you visit San Antonio, make sure to visit Sea World and spend some time at the Sea World Bay of Play!

What is the first thing you would like for your little one to experience?

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