Become a Sea Lion High Graduate at Sea World San Antonio this Summer!

During our AdventureCon15 experience, we were excited to hear and see the Sea Lion High show at SeaWorld San Antonio! This show is a must-do experience for kids of all ages! There are five shows a day and plenty of seats under a large sunscreen (to shield the little ones from the rays...sunrays)! 

Here are the show times (as of the end of June 2015).

Take a look at the scenes of Sea Lion High show! There are NO BAD SEATS in the stadium! :)

As college professors and a former high school debater (Jennifer), I am always excited about ANYTHING regarding high school graduation! This sign always makes me happy!

These are the stars at the show (the sea lions). Hint (and possible spoiler) - These are the stars until some other amazing animals emerge from behind the curtains.

Actually, here is one of the BIG stars now! Humongous, hip, and in charge of the latter part of the show, the walrus extraordinaire!

We will not divulge the giant walrus's amazing trick, but it is a SHOW STOPPER! You will have to watch it for yourself!

After the show stopping trick, the trainers grab some delectable treats from the containers on either side of the stage! Walruses love treats!

Do not forget to recap the experience with your little ones (from preschool to high school) to emphasize the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts they discovered in the show! This recap can also include a selfie with the Sea Lion Emblem! You will definitely be on your way to becoming a Sea Lion High Graduate!

It would be really neat for families to purchase a SEAson pass and make a sample stamp card for their children. Each time they attend a show, stamp the card. After 5-10 stamps/experiences and a reflection afterwards, reward them with a SeaWorld Seal-themed bubble gun, a ice cream bar, or my little one's favorite...uvas (grapes) at the Harbor Market!

Tell us your favorite part of Sea Lion High! Did your reflect on the experience with your little ones?


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