Reviewing Imperfect Foods (An Unboxing) - Plus a Coupon Code! Great for Travel!

During the pandemic, we tried to avoid large grocery stores and big box stores. This meant that we had to find innovative ways to shop for groceries. In the past, I ordered groceries through the mail from other companies and some them are not in business any longer, but we decided to try a new company.

We tried Imperfect Foods, which was PERFECT for us because we are located in a rural environment that does not offer grocery deliveries. I wanted to wait until it was at the PERFECT time to review our experience with Imperfect Foods, because I wanted to provide an authentic review for the blog.

We've ordered Imperfect Foods boxes every two weeks. When we began our journey with Imperfect Foods, the shipping was FREE (which was great) and we ordered boxes every week. However, now shipping is $6.99 per week and we have to make the order worth the shipping cost. SO, we tend to order more every two weeks than we were ordering in our weekly orders.

The company has a three day window for users to choose their groceries and a common delivery day is set for each area. We add these days to our iPhone calendars and it makes the process easy.

As a busy mom, I tried companies like Hello Fresh to help with my busy lifestyle. However, I did not have time to create the meals for my family. I like the Crock Pot approach. Typically, I do not have time to visit the grocery store (and now I do not want to visit the grocery store) and Imperfect Foods is an amazing resource.

This is great for meal planning!

Okay, What's the Bad Part?
Well, let me begin with... Imperfect Foods has AMAZING customer service and anytime we experience a problem, they are very responsive to our emails (even through texts). Without question, they have the best customer service..period!

However, with any company they have to rely on shipping companies to transport their products. Sometimes, the products are late or damaged, but keep in mind that you need to read the paragraph above. They have great customer service! (By the way, this is not a sponsored post).

So, What are You Waiting For?
Make your order today. Here's my referral link and you will receive a certain percentage off of your order. :) -

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Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


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