8 Reasons Why We Love Imperfect Foods - Plus an Unboxing!

We've had Imperfect Foods for a few months and we are very satisfied with the company, their customer service,  and their selection of products. Our meal planning and our diet have been focused on the Imperfect Foods deliveries.

We've have chances to try new products and experience new fruits through our Imperfect Foods deliveries. Some individuals subscribe to international food boxes to experience international fruits and vegetables, but we just add them to our Imperfect Foods Delivery schedule. :) 

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Here are the TOP 8 Reasons WHY WE LOVE Imperfect Foods!

1 - The Selection of Products

Seriously, these Imperfect Foods products change each week and I look forward to their list every week! It is just like a cherry to the top of my week! :) So, if you see a product you like,  order A FEW of them! You never know if they will be on the list during the next week.

2 - The Ease of Ordering

It is very easy to order products! It is almost as easy as Amazon and they send an email to you when the ordering window opens and when it is closes.

3 - The Freshness of Products

We love that the meat and cheese products are on ice when they are delivered. Even in the middle of summer. PERFECT!

4 - The Organic and Conventional Products

If you want organic, they have it! If you would like conventional products (non-organic) they have them as well!

5 - You Can Avoid the Grocery Store

You do not have to walk in the grocery store during COVID! This is super important!

6 - Groceries are Delivered to Your Home!

Seriously, it is like the Jetsons. 

7 - Items are Less Expensive Than the Grocery Store

Yes, some items are less expensive than the grocery store! SO excited about this!

8  - Meal Planning is MADE EASY!

Imperfect Foods enables users to plan their menus in a healthy way!

We love Imperfect Foods. It is a great experience that I look forward to each week. Try it out! 

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Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


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