3 Ways to Help You Remember to Pack Important Items for Travel

When you travel, you need to pack almost everything that you will need for your trip. This is especially important for camping and off-the-beaten path travel. For example, you will need to have cooking equipment and food if you plan to camp on a road trip or if you plan to fly to a campsite.

However, there are some weird parents like me who like to save money and cook while in a hotel room (for regular, non campsite) travel. So, this means that I will need to pack food, spices, bowls, utensils, etc. in our suitcases for travel to Florida and California to save money while traveling to Disneyworld, Disneyland, and Universal Studios.

Our packing challenge for all of you is to walk through each essential room of your house when you are traveling.

1. This means, go to the kitchen and write down the essential items that you will need to have in your bag, then go to the bedroom for essential clothing (after checking the weather at your destination).

2. After walking to each room and then adding to your list, consider typing this list on your computer or phone and saving it (so you can use it each time you travel).

3. Then, pack your essential items in packing cubes (or in my case make up bags from Goodwill) and make sure these have a permanent home in your bag. Then you can just use your checklist to double check your items the next time you travel.

Just three easy steps!

If you have a copy of our book, you will find a neat Dollar Tree packing list that can help you get started! These are MUST have items for us!

Here’s Our Usual Dollar Tree Travel Run Check List
▢ Books to Read While on the Trip

▢ Travel Games and Toys (small canisters of play dough, stamps and stamp pads, and the Play Paks are great). The Play Paks have four crayons, coloring books, and stickers.

▢ Ponchos and Umbrellas

▢ First Aid Kits

▢ Zip Lock Bags

▢ Travel-Sized Containers

▢ Pocket Fans

▢ Batteries

Also, here are a few additional items that can have our on evergreen (remember - we are in East Texas and Pine Trees are green throughout the year). :) So we use evergreen, a lot! :) 

Potential Packing List


Socks/Shoes (flip flops, dressy, tennis shoes)

Deodorant/Shampoo/Conditioner/Smell Good Spray/Febreze

Toothpaste/Dental Floss/Toothbrush/Mouthwash



Phone/Charger Cord

Walkie Talkies


Passports/Driver’s License/Some Money

Call Credit Card Company


Bug Spray/Umbrella

Hand Sanitizer/Wipes

Mosquito Bands

Journal - Bring a Journal


Enjoy! Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need any help with packing tips!

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


The @WeekendsCount Family!

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