The World of Wonders Museum in Longview, Texas is a MUST DO Activity in East Texas!

Recently, we celebrated our daughter's birthday at the World of Wonders in Longview, Texas. This was an incredible experience for our family, because it truly entertained my daughter for hours. As a 5th generation East Texan, I remember when an indoor play center existed in one of the shopping centers and it had a water ride, a ball pit, cars to ride, and a party space. This discovery center definitely exceeded my expectations!

The experience made our daughter's birthday complete, even if it just consisted on mom, dad, and daughter. We did not invite the entire family this time, because we did not know what to expect. However, I definitely wish that we would have invited her cousins to enjoy the discover experience with her!

The World of Wonders is DO NOT MISS experience for anyone living or visiting East Texas. It definitely incorporated elements of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics throughout the center.

Here's a video about her adventure in the World of Wonders in Longview, Texas. Enjoy!

"I liked playing with the items in the store and picking up the coal balls with the equipment. I also enjoyed milking the cows while sitting on a stool and seeing the hens lay the eggs. I really liked the stage and dressing up."

When asked by this discovery place is better than the other discover places that she visited in the past,  she stated, "I liked this one because it was just for kids and it is fun. It had fun stuff in it like toys."

The Weekends Count kid was also amazed about the playhouse in the center of the Longview World of Wonders. "It was fun going down the yellow slide," she stated, "there were two ways to get in the house and there is a hidden chalkboard under the slide."

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