Weekend Trips to Rural Central Texas

Weekend Trips to Rural Central Texas

All Texas families living in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Tyler, should venture out of their comfort zone to experience all the Lone Star Country has to offer. From fun outdoor experiences to lively festivals, rural Texas has something to offer everyone. Here are several ways that Texan families can positively impact the entire family while experiencing something new:

1 - Take a Texas trail to find something new. - Texas has a wealth of traditional trails for Texas family travelers. These travelers are always searching for something new that can not be experienced in a rural environment. Here is a glimpse of the Texas State Trail:

2 - Explore your Texas Family History through museums - Usually, most Texas families living in a city environment are not more than one to two generations removed from their rural roots. Take the challenge to explore those roots while seeing the local sights along the way.

3 - Be adventurous by experiencing Texas State Parks - Usually, these state parks are low cost (or you can purchase an annual pass) and they provide unique experiences for park visitors. From dutch oven cooking to guided hikes, your family can learn from professionals who are eager to make sure you learn about the basics of adventure.

4 - Challenge yourself with diverse family travel - Texas is one of the most diverse states and one of the fastest growing states in the United States. The diversity can add variety to family travel. Texas families can introduce their child to a different culture, foods, and opportunities to engage with with people who slightly different from themselves.

5 - Become a Texas top flight family - Take a weekend flight trip with your family. Texas families located within 1-2 hours of an international airport located in Texas, can book plane tickets for $75+ round trip and they can experience another part of Texas. The El Paso or McAllen flights are usually affordable and offer Texas families a quick flight from international airports. These airports offer glimpses of the different Texas terrains and can highlight rural Texas.

6 - Explore a short cruise with your multigenerational family - Short cruises in Texas can range from four to five days. Before the cruise, experience Galveston. Galveston Texas has a wealth of pre-cruise activities to offer families including museums, a family fun pier, a theater, and many other activities to highlight one of the oldest cities in Texas.

These are just unique ways that ways that six types of families can experience Texas, especially rural Texas. Look forward to additional fun rural Texas family activities in the next issue of Weekends Count magazine.

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