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Weekend Fashion - Mary Jane Oxford Pumps for Work and Play

As a working mom, I HAVE to have good shoes. My day usually involves constant walking and standing for almost 10 hours straight. From my 5:30am alarm, the commute, and the 7:30am start time at work, I constantly have a need to wear good shoes. Priority #1 is a good fit, Priority #2 is STYLE! I LOVE stylish shoes, but the more comfortable, the better. I also love a good black shoe with height as well. As a woman of shorter stature, the heel height is very important. The moral of the daily story is...if you do not have good shoes, you typically do not have a good day.

Recently, I was selected by the J. Adams company to review their Mary Jane Oxford Pumps.- Kym shoes. These shoes were incredibly cute and super fashionable. I would probably select these does as as a weekend shoe with a cute outfit. These usually are meant for feet that are slightly larger than mine, but I would recommend purchasing a half-size down.

Read more about the Mary Jane Oxford Pumps.- Kym by J. Adams here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7CCQMO

This post contains affiliate links to help you build your shopping list and travel list for your family. We are passionate about the product and the experiences listed in this post, but we also wanted to provide easy links you can click to purchase products for your busy lifestyle.

Shoes can definitely take you from place to place, but you want to make sure that you are comfortable during the entire journey! Purchase great shoes that will take you from place to place in style!

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


The @WeekendsCount Family!

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