A Preschooler's Review of Terry Treetop and the Little Bear by Tali Carmi

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Over the holidays, we visited my little one's grandparents in East Texas. This was an incredible road trip for her, because she enjoys the drive. However, it is difficult to keep those important bedtime routines and travel with minimal items.

As a result, we travel light and incorporate mommy's iPad in the bedtime routine by utilizing the Kindle App. We have the Kindle Unlimited plan and this has been great for those busy times when working parents cannot visit the library during the week. Here's our video review!

Remember, we are on our journey to read 1,000 books before kindergarten and the book for the first night of our trip was Terry Treetop and the Little Bear. This book was great and it engaged my preschooler the entire time!

She enjoyed the pictures and rated this book higher than the other books that she read during the weekend. She loves the five star rating system and she will rate books MORE stars or LESS stars than the other books during the week's timeframe.

Check out the hashtag for this book - #TerryTreetopandtheLittleBear

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