Cici's Pizza - Why Our Family Loves a Healthy, Hearty, Fun, & Affordable Alternative to the Everyday Meal

As a millennial family, we are always searching for neat ways to have fun on a budget! We were very excited to see Cici's Pizza arrive back in Hood County. When my husband and I first moved to Central Texas, we had a Cici's Pizza in our town and we loved going to Cici's Pizza for a quick bite to eat after work.

It seemed that there were other plans in store for the restaurant and the older location closed. We know that there were surprises in store for our growing town and its population. Then, we read a news article in the Hood County news that informed the county that we would receive a Cici's Pizza in the Summer of 2016. 

This was welcome news for our family, because our little one never experienced a Cici's Pizza's before this experience! We were there on one of the first days that the restaurant opened. On these days, the newest customers experiences lines that extended outside of the door.

The food was great! Wonderful salad, great pasta, amazing pizza, and our family's favorite...desserts! Great experience and the staff was wonderful as well!

We paid for our meal and we enjoyed the rest of the day! Thank you Cici's Pizza! Thank you for coming back to Hood County! Our family's summer and fall seasons are now complete, because this millennial mom and dad do not have to struggle with the next day's meal plans. Now, we have Cici's Pizza - a healthy, hearty, fun alternative to the everyday meal!

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!

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