Top 10 Perks of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

We are excited to share one of our favorite museums with you! The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History was the FIRST museum our child ever experienced and my university had a positive working relationship with FWMSH. It is the best! So, let’s talk about it!

Here are the Top 10 Perks of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History! Let’s go!

#10 - The Omni Theater
This planetarium is my FAVORITE in the state! The experience is JUST LIKE going to a regular movie theater. It has popcorn and snacks to enhance the viewing experience! YES! The popcorn smells SO great when you are entering theater and the tiered seating adds to the experience. They show 4D films, planetarium films, and one-of-a-kind experiences for families including - a Polar Express movie experience that makes pajamas the movie going attire of the season! It is amazing!

#9 - The Stars Cafe
You guys, this cafe is just like a high end college cafeteria. It has a salad bar, a grille, and grab and go snacks. Everything is fresh, appealing, and you will want to purchase EVERYTHING (at least I did). We even have food allergies and the food offerings are outstanding!

The Stars Cafe Hours are: Monday to Friday: 10:30am - 2:30pm; Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm; and Sunday: 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Sunday is grab-and-go only, but still a great deal!

#8 - DinoLabs
If members of your family LOVE dinosaurs like WE like dinosaurs, you have to check out this experience at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. You can literally (virtually) color a dinosaur and add to a crowd-colored dinosaur creation! Seriously, this is amazing! Also, you can physically color a dinosaur, scan it and then it can COME TO LIVE on the wall of the museum. We are talking about - you can see it take its first steps! Right foot, left foot! Amazing exhibit!

#7 - Energy Blast
We LOVE Texas and learning about Texas history. One of the key parts of Texas history for me is the oil and gas industry. Through this exhibit, you can electrify different parts of a large city with diverse types of energy - geothermal, solar, and others!

#6 - Cattle Raisers Museum
This part of the museum is VERY interactive! From the virtual dress up booth and push-button exhibits, this part of the museum is one of our favorites! In fact, my favorite part of the Cattle Raisers section is at the end, the interactive virtual photographs. The cows talk to you as you leave! YES!

#5 - The Fort Worth Children’s Museum
For years, this part of the museum was one of my daughter’s favorites. It is literally a grocery store, an emergency care unit, a toddler friendly area, a building/train area, a reading area, AND water play all wrapped up into one. Seriously, this is the best area for a rainy day, windy day, cold day, warm day…well ANYTIME!

#4 - Launchpad: APOLLO 11 Promises Kept
This exhibit is upstairs in the museum and it features interactive computers, virtual reality booth, photo booth, thought-provoking questions for viewers to answer, an interactive space rover, and MORE. It is a MUST see when visiting the museum. Go upstairs, go for it!

‪#3‬ - Noble Planetarium
Big Bird RULES this planetarium. It is an interactive, intimate experience for your family to learn about the solar system. The Noble Planetarium has various films on their rotation, but we love the Big Bird film!

#2 - Dino Dig
Wear digging clothes for this one. The children can enjoy this area for a half-a-day. There is dirt, there is water, there are fossils! Perfect for creativity and for burning energy!

#1 - Innovation Studios and Gallery
This area is fun for the parents AND their children. Seriously, you can discover some great things that you did not know about the world! There are seven rooms in this area: Inventor, Doodler, Designer, Imaginer, Explorer, and the Special Exhibit Gallery (this one is always changing with new exhibits)! In this area, you can lie down on a bed of nails to learn about distributed weigh, launch scarves in the air, construct towers, and expand your imagination!

If you are visiting the Fort Worth and Tarrant County areas, remember to drop in to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It is an experience to be remembered for years to come. If you live in the area, you MUST consider purchasing a membership. It is great for continued learning and our daughter has loved the museum since she was a year old (she is eight now). Check it out!

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