How the State Fair of Texas Can Help You TEACH Your Children

We were fortunate to attend the State Fair of Texas in Dallas last year (prior to COVID19) and we were VERY excited to experience this event. From the State Fair Midway and the barns (where they are preparing their livestock for show) and cultural experiences to shopping and creative arts experiences, you can experience almost everything that the state has to offer!

State Fair of Texas attendees travel from each corner of the state and beyond to attend this annual event.

We are all about learning and we use the State Fair of Texas materials to teach learning throughout the year (especially in the summer). Here are a few State Fair of Texas items that YOUR family can incorporate this summer!

1 - State Fair of Texas Idea - Dairy Discovery Zone (Presented by Dairy Max)

How to Make Dairy Dice (from milk cartons)!

How to Make a Moola Bank!

2 - State Fair of Texas Idea - Summer Cooking!

Your children can try a New Dairy Recipe (for Different Age Groups!

Make a Garden Veggie Pizza!

Funtastic Cheese Snacks

3 - State Fair of Texas Idea - Printable Games!

Play the A-Maze-Zing Dairy Maze!

Play the Shake-It-Up Word Scramble

4 - Engage with the Texas Discovery Gardens

Guess what? They are open during the State Fair of Texas AND they also have activities during the summer! From Butterfly Tea Parties to Storytime, the Texas Discovery Gardens has activities for everyone! Check out their schedule! -

5 - Prepare for Next Year's Youth Contests!

We always like to view the youth projects to give our child something to experience in the future. We love to view the different youth entries, because we have some TALENTED YOUTH in Texas!

Check out the Arts and Crafts Categories -

6 - Learn about Cows and Dairy Farming from Southwest Dairy Farmers

Time to Color - Downloadable "Milk: From Cow to You" Coloring Book
*Here's the Black and White Version - "Milk: From Cow to You" 

7 - More Exciting Educational Materials from the State Fair of Texas!

These are organized by grades (4th through 8th and 9th to 12th). Each activity has a student PDF and a Teacher PDF. Check it out!

These are some of the student PDFs for 4th grade:

Go with the Flow: Procedures and Consumers at the Fair

Energetic Tex: Art on the Move

An Amazing Race! From Local Farms to Texas Tables

Have an amazing time exploring the fair in the summer time!

The expos are great ways to experience the state fair and to discover new products that are available in your local grocery store. The products can range from

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


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