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Discovering Foods at the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo in Dallas

Recently, I discovered that I have a wheat allergy. Yes, our family attends the Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo each year, BUT I have always focused on the Allergen Friendly foods. 

This year, it is definitely different for our family. Since June, I've been cooking with chickpea pasta, rice noodles, rice dishes for travel, and many Schar snacks! This has truly been one of the most different personal challenges that I have ever taken. It is SO DIFFICULT to find dishes that do not have wheat. 

I've attended the expo in the past, but now I am attending the expo with a fresh outlook! A fresh, gluten free outlook! YES! Also, engage with the companies listed below on social media if you have any questions.

Seriously, EVERYTHING has wheat! From cereal and cookies to soy sauce and some restaurant foods, it is very important to read the ingredients BEFORE you consume the product.

I've also discovered the importance of connecting with Gluten Free companies on social media (Facebook and Twitter). You can discover some great deals while learning more about the gluten free goodies they offer.

Speaking of which, check out these amazing gluten free and allergen friendly products! 

Aleia's Foods (@aleiasgf) - Almond Horns, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and my daughter's favorite... Coconut Macaroons!

BFree (@BFreeFoods) - Gluten free, wheat free & vegan breads and rolls!

Biena (@BienaSnacks) - I have these on REPEAT (Amazon Subscribe and Save Repeat - that is).

Blake's Seed Based (@blakeseedbased) - YASS! These are amazing too! I cannot wait to try these! TRAVEL SNACKS!!!

Blue Diamond (@BlueDiamond) - Gluten free crackers and snacks!!

Bob's Red Mill (@BobsRedMill) - Travel-friendly OATMEAL! My travel staple!!!

Brazi Bites (@BraziBites) - Our family, especially me (the gluten free one) LOVE(S) these! They are great travel food as well!



Bone Broth Soups

Enjoy Life - Eat Freely (I love this company as well! Plentils have been in my little one's daily lunch snack packs for WEEKS. These and hummus dip? Have MERCY!)

Explore Cuisine (@explorecuisine) - Lentil Pasta, Spaghetti!

Forno Minas (@amofornodeminas) - (These have been GREAT travel food as well!)

Freedom (Instagram - @freedomfoodsus) - From Messy Monkeys Pizza and Cheese Snacks to the most DELICIOUS cereal ever! From Cocoa Crunch and Tropico's to Maple Crunch and Pro-Teen Crunch), check these out now!

Garlic Expressions

Gem City - Fine Foods (Gluten Free)

Go Veggie - (These are available at Kroger and MOST of the time on iBotta. My FAV!)

Good Karma


Hannah's Gluten Free Bakery

Hello Fresh (@HelloFresh) - (Our family subscribed to Hello Fresh YEARS ago and we loved it! It actually inspired us to cook more and to spend more time together). We cannot wait to try this Thanksgiving box)!

Honey Stinger (@HoneyStinger) - (I'll admit, United Airlines made me HOOKED on Wafel crackers!)

Ka-Pop Ancient Grains

Kay's Naturals - Cereal and Pretzels

Kinnikinnick - Gluten Free (Cookies, Bread, and Cake Mix) (@KinnikinnickYEG) - Those boxed crackers and sweet treats with BREAD? Ordering these now!

Liteful (@LifefulFoods) - From breakfast, sweets, breads, pies, cakes, and SAMPLERS? Girls and guys - We have to try this! By the way, they have CARROT CAKE!!!

Lundberg Family Farms (@lundbergfarms) - (We are such fans of their rice! We eat rice 5-6 days a week and we LOVE their products!)

Manni's Foods

Monster Meli's (Instagram - @melismonstercookies) - That mix though, plus they have a Wal-Mart partnership? Of course, I am trying these cookies!

Mikey's Muffins (@MikeysMuffins) - Paleo, Keto, and Gluten Free Breads, Crusts, and Baked Goods? Have mercy!!! 

Milton's Craft Bakers

Mozaics Chips (@MozaicsChips) - Ya'll, chips made with peas! Sign me up! Plus, this is a great travel "with protein" snack!

Natural Grocers (@NaturalGrocers) - (We love Natural Grocers! Especially the one in Tyler, Texas. We want to officially THANK THEM for choosing small towns in Texas). We need access to amazing food!

Nima Sensor (@NimaSensor) - Food sensors for on-the-go and travel dining???

YamaChan Ramen

Norwex (@Norwex) - (My late mother LOVE their products and she said that I HAD to use Norwex products with my daughter). From laundry detergent and wash cloths, this company has it all. Check it out! 

Pamela's Products - (I love their products! WAFFLE Mix...YAAAS!)

Partake Foods (@PartakeFoods) - (I love the fact that this company was created by a multicultural entrepreneur! I hope to emphasize this diversity-focused fact as I introduce this company to daughter)! We talk about WHY food were created and WHERE the food came from!

Path of Life (@PathofLifeBrand) - O, Frozen Gluten Free Food that even has KALE???? Oh, goodness yess! 

San-J Tamari (@SanJTamari) (Oh, you guys.. This soy sauce is AMAZING and I love it so much. I was happy to discover it a few months ago while dining a PF Changs in Seattle). Their gluten free menu was AMAZING! 

Sauce Goddess (@SauceGoddess)

Smart Flour Foods (@SmartFlourFoods)

Sprouts Farmers Market (@SproutsFM) - (That grilled peach recipe though...)

Sunbutter (@SunButter) - (I first learned about Sunbutter in Go Picnic packs. These are DELICIOUS with bananas!!!)


Taste Republic (@taste_republic) - GRAIN FREE and GLUTEN FREE Pasta!!!

Terra Wash - Do Laundry with No Detergent

The Good Crisp Company (@thegoodcrisp) - CHIPS!!!!

The Salad Spice Company - (I cannot wait to try this company)

The Vitamin Shoppe - (@VitaminShoppe)

Veggicopia (@Veggicopia)

Peanut Free Wow Butter (@WOWButterUK) - (I just have one word to say.. PROTEIN!)

Xochitl (@XochitlChips) - (Chips and Salsa - Oh my!!!!)

Yum Butter - (We love these too and I cannot WAIT to finally make a REAL "peanut butter" and jelly!)

Zego - Delicious Allergy Friendly Snacks

The Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo (October 27-28) in Dallas is a MUST attend event for families who have children with food allergies OR who are gluten free.

Do you want to know some additional information about the GFAF Expo. Discover more here: http://www.weekendscount.com/2014/11/the-top-gluten-and-allergen-free-travel.html

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


The @WeekendsCount Family!

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