Seven Things that Moms Can Do to Stay Sane During the School Year

One thing I dread each year is...the beginning of the school year. So, I have to pay my bills ahead of time (because if not.. they will be late) and literally plan everything that we will do during the month. August and September are always the craziest months for our family, even since college. During college, tuition and fees are due at the beginning of the school year and this has always made me dread the months.

So, I have to plan to remain sane. I am an educator (my year begins in August/September) and I have to plan my lessons for the entire year. Then, I my mom life with the first grader kicks in and I am officially in beast mode for our family. I have to cook, clean, plan schedules, check backpacks, communicate with teachers, check the school's social media accounts, and commute to my job each day.

As a result, I had to create a list of ways that I have managed to remain sane during the school year (especially over the past few years that my little one has been enrolled in public school).

Here are Seven Things that Moms Can Do to Stay Sane During the School Year:

1 - Eat Healthy Food - Consider adopting a meatless diet (at least one night per week!

2 - Incorporate Walking in Your Daily Plan!

3 - Make Sleep a Priority! - Eight hours of sleep is ideal, but consider setting a sleep reminder on your phone.

4 - Find a Friend (at work, at home, at the gym... somewhere)! Check in with your friend at least once a week.

5 - Try to Tackle Only ONE Task at a Time - It is easy to multitask, but remember that you can focus when you segment your work.

6 - Create Goals Every Six Months! - This will help you keep yourself on track. :)

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


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