Seven Tips for Shopping on Amazon Prime Day!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day was created a few years ago for to boost sales of their products in the summertime. This event was similar to Black Friday events, but it also included limited time deals, subscribe and save deals with coupons, and deals that lasted all day. The products offered on Amazon Prime Day usually range from electronics and clothing to food products and household items.

Here are seven tips for shopping on Amazon Prime Day:

Tip #1 - Remember to download the Amazon app to receive notifications of limited time deals.

Tip #2 - At the beginning of Amazon Prime Day, remember to examine all of the limited time deals and then add these deals to your notification/watch list on the Amazon app.

Tip #3 - Determine if you need to purchase an annual subscription to Amazon Prime, Amazon Music Unlimited, or Amazon Kindle Unlimited before the day begins.

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Tip #4 - Purchasing Amazon gift cards from Kroger or other stores that offer fuel points for gift card purchases.

Tip #5 - Use online shopping portals that offer rebates or airline miles for using their link to access Amazon. These shopping portals can include E-bates, American Airlines, United Airlines, and others.

Tip #6 - Set a budget before you begin shopping on Amazon Prime Day. It is easy to spend more money than you anticipate spending.

Tip #7 - Develop a list of items that usually appear on your weekly/monthly shopping list, then look for these items when the Amazon Prime list becomes available.

These simple tips can help everyone create a strategy for one of the most important savings days of the year! Remember to prepare a strategy and you can save money on items that you will purchase anyway.

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Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


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