Learn How To Talk With Your Kids About God with Author Natasha Crain!

Easter is right around the corner and if your little one is like our little one, your family will definitely experience a wealth of questions about Easter, and God, and church. Our family wants YOUR FAMILY to be prepared and we recommend a book for you - Talking To Your Kids About God. This book is written by Natasha Crain and it is focused on 30 key conversations that parents must have with their children.

In fact, this would be a great checklist for a family to have these 30 weekly conversations at the beginning of a year. What a neat way to introduce elements of God and Christianity to your children.

Remember to check out the review of Talking To Your Kids About God by Natasha Crain and order your copies!

A Note from the Weekends Count Dad
As a college professor, I feel some of my peers may not view Christianity as intellectual. While I'm still new to apologetics, I feel more confident in having conversations about faith at work and showcasing how faith and reason can work together. As a parent, I feel more comfortable talking with my daughter about evidence of God's creation in nature. As far as responding to skeptics, I would mention that there is evidence of God as the creator of the universe all around us even if they disagree with my interpretation of the evidence.

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