Texas Parents - Is It Your Responsibility to Educate Your Children?

Texas Parents,

We continue to emphasize the importance of educating your children at home during the weekends and on week nights. Recently, we read an article titled, "Texas Lagging Badly in Educating Workforce" written by Houston Chronicle's Chris Tomlinson.

As two educated, African American parents, we definitely believe in the importance of educating our own child AND we believe in the power of Texas public education. I've always attended Texas public schools and my daughter will attend public schools as well. In our opinion, public schools enable all students to learn about other cultures, experience different educational levels, and to experience education from some of the best teachers in the United States.

The article states, "Of course, parents ultimately are responsible for their children, and if they don't teach their children to love learning at an early age, then there is little a school teacher can do."

We are attempting to do everything that we can to help our child love learning and to know the importance of learning, BUT it takes a wealth of time and effort.

Here are several ways that we introduce the "love of learning" to our young, African American daughter who is a 6th generation Texan:

1 - Taking her to museums and community events.

2 - Providing her with a card to the local public library.

3 - Making sure she knows that she is a descendant of Texas slaves (who did not have the ability to read nor write).

4 - Involving her in youth organizations at church and also the Girl Scouts.

5 - Gamifying the learning experience through electronic currency. Did you complete homework? That's a point! Did you read your book? That's a point!

These are only five of the MANY ways that we introduce learning to our young Texan, but we are PROUD of the education that she is receiving at Granbury ISD. She loves her teacher and knows the importance of her principal. Our school introduces students to different STEM activities during the school year through field experiences. My daughter LOVES a field trip!

So, I wrote this post to say THANK YOU to Texas public school educators and to issue a CHALLENGE to parents of Texas students in P-12 schools. Take 20-30 minutes EACH weekday and at least an hour each weekend to "Make Learning Count". Use the #weekendscount hashtag to let us know how you incorporate learning each day. If you need some ideas, please let us know as well. We are happy to share! You can do it! Educate your child at home and let public education serve as a supplement to your child's education with the foundation resting at your home.

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!


The @WeekendsCount Family!

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