Find Out How Trees Are Just Like Us!

Planning a nature homeschool unit? Have a child that loves to learn about nature?

Then order a copy of Trees by Shondra M. Quarles and Kristi Ferguson!

Trees helps children understand what trees need to survive and what happens during their life cycles by comparing trees to people.  Interestingly, trees and people have a lot in common.

As a parent, you can ask your kids what they learned in the story and connect the book to trees in your yard, neighborhood, or local park. If you're on a family vacation, be sure to have your kids discuss similarities and differences between the trees they see on the trip and the trees they see at home.

Our daughter loved the book and it helped her better understand how we as people relate to nature in our world.

How might you incorporate Trees into a homeschool lesson or unit?

Let us know in the comments!

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