Zipper Bag Activities - Two Reading and Math Activities for Your 3, 4, or 5 Year Old

My preschooler attends a university three days a week! You heard it correctly, she attend the local laboratory school for university students. Through this laboratory experience, my preschooler is able to learn key concepts from her peers, the teachers, and her college peers.

Each week, the preschool sends a large ziplock bag filled with a unique homeschool activity for our little one. These activities usually include several manipulative items and a set of directions. These are easy to incorporate for busy, working families.

This week, we had two activities! Both activities were mathematics-focused and one include some literacy as well! These activities were: Sharing Hot Dogs and Button Bingo.

These were exceptional activities and they definitely caused this working mom to think outside of the box...playdough canister. :)

Through this activity, we received a canister of green playdough and a popsicle stick, and amazing directions! We had to divide the playdough into eight hot dogs.

This activity involved mathematics, reading, music! 
She really enjoyed making the hot dogs as well. We had to make eight.

Since dad was not at home during the time of this activity, we had to make a stick figure with the "knife". So, we made a "Gran Gran". :) 

Here's a close up of Gran Gran. She wanted to eat hot dogs too! Plus, we needed her in our mathematical problem. For example, if Gran Gran had eight hot dogs and gave one to you and six to mommy, how many would she have left? She conquered these mathematical problems with ease!

Then, we had to assess the activity. She is accustomed to rating her books on Amazon and she was eager to rate this activity as well. Five out of five stars!

The Button Bingo activity was also amazing as well! It had nine colored buttons of different shapes. I had to place these on the board and my kindergartener had to remove them while telling me which items were beside the item she removed. This was time consuming, but she really had to think about the items before removing them.

Here are the close ups of the buttons! It is an easy activity to replicate and it would be a great travel activity as well!

Thank you to the Child Development Center at Tarleton State University for these activities!

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!

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