Want to Avoid Mosquitoes During Family Trips? Try the MosQUITO Bands!

Originally, I am from East Texas and my childhood was focused on outdoor play! We created mudpies, I created playhouses, and most memorable of all - I helped my mother in the garden!

I wanted to provide our preschooler with the same experience, but the mosquitos continue to push us BACK inside of the house! Last year did not cause the mosquitoes to hibernate and this caused DOUBLE the trouble this year! 

This post contains affiliate links to help you build your shopping list and travel list for your family. We are passionate about the product and the experiences listed in this post, but we also wanted to provide easy links you can click to purchase products for your busy lifestyle.

When we received the MosQUITO product, I had to JUMP at the opportunity to organize and mulch the brush in the back yard. This band fit snugly around my wrist and I also placed another Mosquito band around the ankle of my preschooler! 

We did not have ANY bites when we entered the house after mulching A LOT of branches and cleaning the summer toys! This was exciting news for me and we will definitely include the MosQUITO (#selpHbalance) natural insect repellent bands in our winter AND summer activities!

By the way, these will be GREAT travel accessories as well! Especially when your traveling on a cruise or airplane and your are limited to a certain liquids. :) 

Search for the MosQUITO bands on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2etGtqO) and on Twitter - #selpHbalance! Have a great week and plan for the weekend!

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