8 Homeschool Science Experiments with the sepHbalance Digital pH Meter

We hope you are having a great week! Today is Science Monday for the Weekends Count Evening Homeschool!

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Today, are integrating the  selpHbalance Digital pH Meter in our science experience focused on pH! Check out the video for today's experiment. Also, check out the 8 Ways to Use the selpHbalance pH Meter for Homeschool list below!

8 Ways to Use the selpHbalance pH Meter for Homeschool 

1 - Emphasize the Differences b/t
Acids and Bases.

2 - Learning the pH of Household Products

3 - Comparing the pH of Juice Drinks

4 - Comparing the pH of Different Types of Bottled Water

5 - Comparing the pH of Pond Water vs. Fresh Water

6 - Gathering the pH of Organic Products

7 - Utilizing the pH Powder Solutions available in the Kit

8 - Gathering the pH of Rain & 

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!

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