3 Ways Your Child Can Learn about Italy Through Kroger's Taste of Italy Experience

3 Ways Your Child Can Learn about Italy Through  Kroger's Taste of Italy Experience

I am incredibly fortunate that my husband cooks a majority of our meals. He is an incredible cook and he is always cooking healthy meals to accommodate our family's allergy needs.

Then, we discovered the iBotta program and we fell in love....again...with Kroger! We love our Kroger store and NOW it has a pick up option for individuals who are in hurry or who are not able to shop in the store. I cannot WAIT to try this out during the Winter time. Now, let's talk about Italy!

Introducing the Taste of Italy!
This month, Kroger is celebrating Italy! We are always excited about these themes, because we can infuse them into our monthly curriculum unit for our preschooler. Our little one is learning all about Italy and its culture!

#1 - Cooking (Science) with the Taste of Italy
Kroger has a variety of recipes focused on Italy! In fact, there are 69 recipes focused on Italian spices and food preparation. These recipes range from Bolognese Meat Sauce - Ragu alla Bolognese and Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Cream Sauce and Penne to Chicken Piccata and Pesto Vegetables!

Here is a link to all of the recipes!

#2 - Experience Kroger's Taste of Italy with Your Five Senses
The Taste of Italy can enable your family (either homeschool or evening school) to experience elements of the Italian culture with their five senses. Here's an example:

Smell and Taste - HemisFares Italian Mountain Speck

Touch and Hear the Sounds of the Pan Ducale Crackers

See and Taste (and Count) the Carando Fresh Meatballs

#3 - Exercise Your Right to Vote on Your Favorite Recipes from Kroger's Taste of Italy and Promote Political Participation for Your Family!
You can vote for your favorite Italian recipe and promote the political process in the United States! It is a wonderful opportunity to prep for your family for the upcoming election.

You can cast your Taste of Italy ballot here: Vote for Your Favorite Recipe

We hope your enjoy Kroger's Taste of Italy experience! Remember to infuse learning in each of your shopping trips at Kroger! Introduce your little one to new experiences and new cultures during your shopping adventures!

Have a great week and plan for the weekend!

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