Buying and Selling with VarageSale!

New to VarageSale? Here's an easy guide to help you get started as a buyer or seller with our partner, VarageSale!

Buying on VarageSale

  1. Join a group
  2. Scroll through the news feed
  3. Search by categories
  4. Filter by subcategories
  5. Follow categories so your news feed becomes customized to your interests 

Selling on VarageSale

  1. Join a group
  2. Determine what you want to sell
  3. Filter the news feed to see whether many similar items are available 
  4. See what items sell quickly and what items don't
  5. Take good pictures and write good descriptions people will be interested 
  6. Follow categories so you can easily learn more about what works on VarageSale

Ready to get started? Read our earlier post to find new VarageSale communities in Dallas - Fort Worth!

Question: What tips can you share on using VarageSale?

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