5 Upsides to Visiting a Destination During a Major Event (Superbowl, World Series, Music Festivals, Conferences, etc.)

Sometimes we have to travel during major events (Superbowl, World Series, Essence Music Festival, etc.). After a few trips, I realized that traveling during these major events can have a positive impact on your travel experience!

Here are several upsides to visiting a destination during a major event.

5 Upsides to Visiting a Destination During a Major Event

1 - The hotel will be fully staffed. This is especially important for traveling families and people who are traveling for business.

2 - Discounted tickets to local attractions (zoos, theme parks, etc.)

When we visited some hotels, there are special tickets and experiences for all guests present at the hotel during the special event.

3 - Taxis and shared shuttles will be available (limited wait time).

Just kidding, but we had to throw this picture in for comic relief! :) 

4 - Experience national brands who are marketing to the event attendees (i.e. - beauty companies, snack companies). I cannot tell you how many times I have "hacked" a major event by just visiting the free experiences from the national brands.

5 - Meeting celebrities who are navigating the major event as well! While traveling to destination who are hosting major events, we've met plenty of celebrities who are more than willing to talk to you and to help you navigate the events!

Another picture for comic relief, but we have met Samantha Brown in person before! :) 

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