Yes, You Can Plan a Family Cruise in Less Than 48 Hours! - Our Cruise to Cozumel

This summer, we were very fortunate to plan mini vacations with our two year old!

Our first trip was a CRUISE to Cozumel from Galveston! It was only a four-day cruise, but it was super inexpensive (before the regular travel season - summer). I saw the rate only 2 days before the departure date and we paid for and planned the trip in less than 48 hours! 

For only around $300 per person, we experienced the following:

1 - Meals (which was the second most important item to our family)
2 - Traveling to Another Country (which was the MOST important item to our family)
3 - Interacting with individuals from various races and ethnicities
4 - Neat experiences in Cozumel
5 - An amazing time with my family!

*Disclaimer - We did not travel with any family support - grandma or grandpa were not present on this trip and I was super nervous!

We loved the towel animals each night! We were surprised when we arrived on the pool deck to see around 50 chairs with beautiful and crafted towel animals! 

 These animals included dinosaurs, bears, snakes, etc.!

We also enjoyed one excursion which included visiting a beach, a Mayan Village and a tequila plantation.

Out little one LOVED the beach! It was so refreshing!

This picture (yes, with my Tilley hat) was taken right before an increase in the tide! My shoes were definitely wet and sand filled. The little one was fine!

This one was a fun picture! There were many bodegas on the beach and many shopping options!


I had to take this picture to remember the scenery on a busy day at work! Simply beautiful!

We strongly believe in enabling our little one to experience fine dining (white tablecloths and white napkins). So, we dined in the dining room each night. She had to have her iPad and of course, her uvas!

My little one definitely enjoyed the entertainment each night! She really enjoyed the themed nights and the dancing. She kept saying, "Mommy, get up! Dance!" as she pulled me out of my seat!

These are additional pictures from the visit to the tequila plantation. 

Here are additional pictures from the ship! The EA sports bar was a great touch!

One aspect for which we did not take advantage was the child care facility! We signed our little one up for the program, but I was unsure about the facility! Here are some our pictures from outside of the facility:

More pictures of the facilities!

My little one and husband!

More pictures from the deck!

Carnival Triumph - We will miss you and we will see you next time!

Have you traveled on a cruise with a toddler? Would you like to see a packing list?

Let us know!

- The Weekends Count Family: - @weekendscount -

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