Letterboxing in North Texas - A New Family Adventure in Almost Every Small Town (No Cost Geocaching)

This week, we began a new adventure exploring our area of Texas through letter boxing. Last summer, while reading a book on activities for kids, I discovered the concept of letter boxing. I was surprised to discover that there were a few letterboxes in our area.

Our first letterbox included the following directions...

To your right is a garden area with a small waterfall. Take the sidewalk over to this area. When the sidewalk forks, take it to the right until you come to a cement bench. Across from the bench is a walking path leading into the garden. Take this path just to the top of the hill where you will find a rock that "points" toward the back side of the rock waterfall. Follow the point of this rock to the back side of the rock waterfall. Several rocks at the bottom of this pile come together to form a small triangle. Inside that hole, under a small, smooth, brown stone is the "[Name of Stamp]" stamp.

This entire search process was similar to geocaching, but I would like to try next! While finding the stamp, we explored three city parks and a very long pier, which was neat! :)
 It took 8 months to integrate letter boxing into our schedules, but I definitely think that we will continue to letterbox when we go to family adventures across the United States!

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