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Have you heard about the NEW,  SUSTAINABLE, and BEST subscription box for your children? The “Read and Learn” box is your child’s gateway to a new adventure in reading. Remember, each month - you will receive two boxes with two weeks of material to share with your little learners this summer!

Each box contains:
  • Three Recycled Books 
  • A “Read and Learn” Passport 
  • “Read and Learn” Stickers 
  • A “Read and Learn” Reflection Book 
  • The “Read and Learn” Weekly Curriculum focused on reading, science, social studies, art, and music.

Select Your Preferences
Through the “Read and Learn” journey this summer, your little learners will experience new and exciting material each week. This material will keep them excited about learning throughout the summer, focused on learning new things throughout the summer, and connected with other “Read and Learn” learners throughout the country (through parents sharing projects and ideas on the exclusive “Read and Learn” Facebook group).

Enjoy the “Read and Learn” Journey!


Dr. J. T. Edwards
Read and Learn, Owner

Questions? - Contact @weekendscount or send a text to 817-382-8475.

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