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Why Should We Visit These 10 Texas Towns?

As we mentioned in a previous post, my family attends the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show. During this show, we select the places to visit during the next few months.

During our "select a travel destination" brochure game, my husband selected eight cities and I selected nine cities. There were some cities that did not make the final selection list. 

This is our "change our mind" post. We want to be convinced to visit these destinations, but we need to know why we should spend money and time to get there.

Here's the list:

Bastrop, Texas - We've heard about the Loblolly Pines, but we need something more convincing than towering pine trees to entice us to visit (when considering the current gas prices).

Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas - Now, this one had the most AMAZING brochure, but I need more than gorgeous pictures and amazing text to entice me to drive through the piney woods to experience Beaumont/Port Arthur.

Canton, Texas - They have the Silver Star Resort and the First Monday Trade Days, but we need more! 

Deer Park, Texas - I understand the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is important and Heritage Park provides opportunities for visitors to explore history, but how can we have a more unique experience here?

Gladewater, Texas - Daffodil Gardens are beautiful, and we can relive the oil discovery experience here, but why should people visit? 

Palestine, Texas - Champagne is served and boots are welcome, but what if I do not like champagne or have a pair of boots under my bed? We hope to explore the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility one day, but we need an extra reason to visit Palestine.

***Actually, Palestine is closer to the top of our list.***

Paris, Texas - Yes, this town in reminiscent of its namesake across the sea, but the downtown shopping and Veterans's memorial can be found in almost any city around Texas. The Sam Bell Maxey House is a good touch, but tell us what we do not know about Paris, Texas.

Jacksonville, Texas -  If we do not play golf, own an ATV, plan to have a wedding, or like antique shopping, why should we visit? Other than counting tomatoes around town???

Waco, Texas - Yes, they have a nice suspension bridge and a neat national monument of a wooly mammoth, but we need more than that to help us to realize why Waco is worth a day trip. The Doris Miller Memorial almost does it for us, but we are on the edge of "convinced". 

Winnsboro, Texas - It seems like the lakes (Lake Winnsboro, Lake Fork, Lake Bob Sandlin, and Cypress Springs) are the only attractions that would magnetize us to the small town of Winnsboro.  

Read more about our 17 Cities to Visit in Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas here.

Again, here's the my list for this year:

Cleburne, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas
Henderson, Texas
Huntsville, Texas
Jefferson, Texas (Marion County, Texas)
Marshall, Texas
Mineola, Texas
Martin Creek State Park (Henderson, Texas and Tatum, Texas)
Nacogdoches, Texas

Here's my husband's list for this year:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Granbury, Texas
Houston, Texas
Louisiana State Parks
Pensacola, Florida
Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Tyler, Texas

Which one should we visit first? What should we see while we are there?


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