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Let's Explore the Children's Museum of Brownsville in Cameron County, Texas

The Children's Museum of Brownsville provides over 60,000 local and regional patrons with access to learning opportunities and experiences throughout the year.

Their Hours
CM of Brownsville is open Tuesdays to Sundays. From Tuesdays to Saturdays, you can access the museum frm 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Sundays frm 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Here are the days that they are not open: https://cmofbrownsville.org/visit-us/hours-admission/

The Cost of Admission
The entire museum is only $9.50 per person for everyone over 12 months old (individuals under 12 months old are FREE)!

As always, you can purchase an annual pass (https://cmofbrownsville.org/visit-us/membership/) or you can take advantage of the annual museum pass which is NATIONWIDE! If a museum you are visiting in the future is a member, you will gain complimentary admission to the museum! YES!!!! This is especially important if you are on the road as much as we are!

Their Spaces
Brite's Special Spot - We LoVE this opportunity for members of the community to engage with art! https://cmofbrownsville.org/education/brites-special-spot/ CM of Brownsville has "Brite's Special Spot" for children ages 5 to 12. This arts process workshop is for individuals with special needs and takes place each Sunday for 20 weeks - incredible!

They also have a neat way to engage with the community through a mobile in-trip experience.

Flex Air - For exploring air and motion!

All World's Cafe - For exploring new careers and customer service. (Which is super exciting for children AND parents)!

Under the Sea - Texas has such amazing landscapes (including costal areas). This is a great experience to explore the sea!

Construction Zone - Talk about engineering in action! Explore architecture and construction through an on-site construction zone!

Future Artists of America - For children and adults to create their own art and highlight their creativity on display.

Dr. Bones Health Clinic - Health is such an important topic for Texans. This is a great opportunity for parents and others to highlight the importance of health careers and health concepts for children.

Target - Tot Spot and The Plaza - Talk about READING in neat spaces, this is a NEAT space for families with little ones. They can explore the stage and have a great time reading books!

Tac Tiles Panels - Love this! In addition to the construction zone, this is a great way to explore different construction materials and textures.

Texas Farmhouse - Talk about the fabric of Texas, this in house farmhouse provides opportunities for kids and parents to appreciate and talk about the neat aspects of farm life. 

KRGV 5 - First Warn Weather Station - Just think about watching your local news weathercast and realizing that your child is on the television giving the weather updates. With the help of your cell phone, you can make this dream a reality! 

H-E-Buddy Market - Think about exploring H-E-B and realizing that your child is making sure everything is properly stocked, carts are in alignment and all purchases are properly made. It can happen at the CM of Brownsville! What a great way to explore!

Sun, Earth, Universe Exhibit - This is a new interactive exhibit at CM of Brownsville! Explore the mysteries of outer space through this new exhibit!

Their Events:
Seriously, check out ALL of their events! (https://cmofbrownsville.org/events-calendar/)They have so many amazing opportunities to learn! These events range from "Watercolor: Let's Draw an Acorn" and "Science Activity: Thanksgiving Turkey Slime" to "Science Activity: Gum and Chocolate" and "Making Waves with Radio: Messages from Space".

Also, if you are in the area during super special days like New Year's Day, they have... "Science Activity: New Year's Eve Celebration Slime"!

Next Steps
When you visit, tell them that you read about their museum on the Weekend Count website!

Also, sign up for their newsletter! - https://cmofbrownsville.org/enews/

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Children's Museum

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