We Found SO MANY New Gluten Free Foods at the Nourished Festival

Over the summer, we began traveling again. We booked airline tickets and jumped on the plane to visit Washington, DC and then Atlanta, GA (which is one of our favorite locations). We LOVE public transportation and we absolutely love the fact that you can jump on the Metro (from the airport) to almost every location in Atlanta.

While traveling during COVID19, we learned that our FAVORITE hotel feature, the lounges, were not typically open during breakfast and dinner. We rely on this for a reliable hot meal (with eggs and other proteins) and we had to pack a few items for our packable pantry. Why do we have a packable pantry you ask? Well, I am gluten free, my husband relies on protein rich meals, and my daughter...well, she likes snacks! 

I began our packable pantry journey when I began traveling for business years ago and I became gluten free. I had to pack everything - from breakfast to lunch to dinner (and snacks). I started to rely on shelf stable (and low sodium meals) and this approach SAVED me so many times.

So, this week, I was invited to attend the Nourished Festival - "The Gluten-Free Expo" in a virtual format and I was EXCITED to do so. Usually, I attended this expo in Dallas and my daughter referred to it as "snack world". She sampled EVERYONE and we had the opportunity to try many different foods from companies we met at expo. 

This year included the following brands and I cannot wait to interact with them (and to try their products). I have a work trip coming up and it would be great to sample these on-to-go. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up soon and it would be great to try these products before purchasing them for Thanksgiving. Also, many of these companies offer the opportunity to order the items and to have them shipped to your door. This is GREAT for rural, gluten free individuals and families. 

  • COCINA 54 - I cannot WAIT to try these. Gluten free empanadas! VERY exciting!
I cannot wait to check out these companies! Join me in connecting with these amazing Nourished Festival Vendors.

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