Just Between Friends Consignment Sale in Fort Worth, Texas - FREE Coupon!

When the seasons change, I automatically think of my preschooler's closet. The sweaters, her favorite gray boots, the Strasburg coat, and her favorite Doc McStuffins mittens will be much too small next year and will be much too warm for the upcoming months. Then, I begin to THINK about the new clothes she will have to wear for the warmest month of the year (June, July, August, September) and I instantly begin searching for the date for the next Just Between Friends sale in Fort Worth.

I always look forward to this sale. The volunteers, the other parents, and the selection of merchandise always exceeds my expectations. My first Just Between Friends sale occurred before my little one was born. Since then, I have a revolving event set on my calendar for each fall and spring focused on the upcoming Fort Worth Just Between Friends sale.

Just Between Friends Fort Worth, Texas's largest children and maternity consignment sale, will occur from March 3rd to March 6th with extended hours for the volunteers. Check out the schedule http://fortworth.jbfsale.com. The event is held at the Fort Worth Will Rogers Memorial Center - Amon G. Carter Hall which will feature 75,000 square feet of merchandise.

If you are a first-time parent or grandparent, you can register to SHOP EARLY! My husband and I took advantage of this benefit YEARS ago! Sign up here - http://fortworth.jbfsale.com/extraPageView.jsp?pageName=extraPageShop

For up-to-date information about the sale, follow Just Between Friends Fort Worth on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram by searching for @jbffortworth!

Here are some great tips for navigating your first sale:

1 - Make a list BEFORE you arrive at the location. When you enter the door, you will want to purchase EVERYTHING! :)

2 - Bring money for parking (or if you have a Fort Worth Museum of Science and History membership - consider parking at the museum and then walking to the Expo Hall. 

3 - Find a foldable rolling cart (at Office Depot or Staples) and a backup reusable shopping bag for your shopping adventure at Just Between Friends Fort Worth. Believe me, you will appreciate this tip!

4 - Calculate your costs as you go. Calculators (or the calculator app on your cell phone) are much appreciated on this day!

5 - Talk to individuals in the aisle and let them know which items you are seeking. If they are also looking in the same section, they will probably offer some tips for you.

6 - Wear walking shoes! You will get a lot of exercise that day.
*Personally, I cannot wait to calculate my steps on that day! :)

7 - Wear a cross body purse or bag. You will need both hands (and shoulders). 

8 - Arrive early! You want to have the first selection of the items that day! 

9 - Eat BEFORE you enter the facility! Trust me on this one. 

10 - If you have to bring your little one(s), consider packing their digital devices (iPad, Kindle, etc.)

*Bonus - Have fun! You will love this experience and you will return year after year, after like I do! :) Here's a special FREE coupon to help you experience this year's sale!

As an officially blogger for JBF Fort Worth, we are excited to give away a $15 gift certificate to one special reader. To enter, follow us on Twitter (@weekendscount) and write a list of FOUR to FIVE items you are seeking at the Just Between Friends Fort Worth sale! The giveaway will end on February 21, 2016 at midnight.

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