Get Rid of Cable and Save Toward A Vacation or Pay Down Debt

Is cable or satellite TV getting too expensive?  Having trouble saving for important things like vacations? Then cut the cord and stream your TV over the Internet. 

Get Rid of Cable and Pay Down Debt

We use the Roku for our TVs.  There are several Roku versions from which to choose.

The streaming stick is the cheapest option.

Roku Streaming Stick
Roku Streaming Stick plugs in to TV's HDMI port
Other models include the Roku HD and Roku 3.  We have each of these models and a streaming stick.  When you log into your account, you will have the same  channels on each device, but they may be in a different order.

Roku 3
Roku 3

Roku HD
Roku HD

There are several preset channels and free channels you can add.  ABC and NBC have channels that let you watch some new episodes for free.  We watch YouTube videos this way.

Their are pay channels for Roku, but we don't add any of those channels.

Roku competitors include the Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.

You could buy one stick and move it to different TVs or buy one for each TV.  You might also get a digital antenna for local channels.  We do this as well.  You can find inexpensive ones at Walmart, Target, or BestBuy.  

Sling by Dish Network is an add-on service for $20 a month.

The package includes popular channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, HGTV, CNN, History Channel, A&E, and Lifetime.

You can cancel at any time.

Once cable introductory offers end, the cost difference can be substantial.

For local channels, you can buy a digital antenna.

With the money you save, you can begin saving to afford a great vacation getaway.

Question: What tips do you have for saving money on TV costs?

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