10 Easy Ways to Get Your Family Out of the Living Room and Into Nature!

This year, the Weekends Count Dad has challenged our family to get OUTDOORS and experience nature! Every time I hear him say this, I think about the cartoon my little one LOVED a few years ago...

Here's a great article focused on the importance of "Getting into Nature":

And now, here are 10 Easy Ways to "Get Your Family Into Nature!

1 - Find any Camp Preview Days in Your Area!

These preview days are easy ways to your family to experience "camp" without actually camping (at least not yet). I enjoy these days because they helps me think my camp experiences from Lake Tyler! I cannot wait for our little one to have the CAMP EXPERIENCE!

We will attend the Camp El Tesoro Preview day this weekend (Saturday, March 7, 2015).
It looks amazing!

Here's a link to the this weekend's camp preview experience in Granbury, TX - LINK.

2 - Practice Letter Boxing with Your Family! Here's a link to one of our prior posts!

Letter boxing is similar to geocaching without the technology!

3 - Have Social Media Photo or Nature Movie Viewing Dinner with Your Family!

Take a look at ANY of these accounts and find amazing pictures to engage your family in a virtual outdoor experience BEFORE venturing out to NATURE! Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook Page

4 - Have an Outdoor Picnic in a Neighborhood or City Park

Maybe your family is not ready for a full camping experience, but you can have short activities to prep for your family for a future family camping experience.

5 - Join Your State's Outdoor Family Program

Here's the Texas Outdoor Family Program Video! We cannot wait to take advantage of this program soon!

6 - Find a Local Botanical Garden! 

We loved the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Research Center in Corpus Christi!


7 - Visit an Local (Interactive) Children's Park


8 - Have a Nature Staycation By Visiting a Local Zoo!

9 - Take a Look at the National Education Standards for Nature Discovery for Early Childhood! Make it count!

Getting Your Kids to Plug Into Nature


What else would you add to the list?

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