Our Weekend Painting Adventure with the Dino Embossed Paint Set from Store for Knowledge (@Store4Knowledge)

As a millennial family, we always have to find activities that work for us and our busy lifestyles! So, we ordered a neat kit art set from "Store for Knowledge" in December and we FINALLY had a chance to do an arts and crafts experience with my little one (yes, today was the FIRST time that we've painted with our two-year old)!

This was such a neat, no-stress, no-clean up activity for our household!

The kit contained: four paint colors, a velvet-3D picture frame, and a paint brush! 

We had SUCH a great time with this neat art set! I am sure that this one is not in stock (since I did order it around Christmas), but they have other neat Dino themed supplies for your little one and their playroom! Check them out! They always have a LOT of sales and I LOVE sales!

Become a fan of Store for Knowledge on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/StoreforKnowledge) or follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Store4Knowledge).


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