Join Me at the Home Depot "Do-It-Herself" Workshop on the Third Thursday in Granbury at 6:30 pm!

My husband always laughs at me because I am a weekend warrior! I work so hard during the week (Monday to Friday) that I forward to weekend projects. These projects range from mowing the lawn, reorganizing closet, making mulch from tree branches (my favorite), and organizing my toddler's room!

So, I am very excited about this workshop focused on weekend activities!

The Do-It-Herself Workshop at Your Local Home Depot
The third Thursday of August will be MY evening! I will go to the Home Depot "Do-It-Herself Workshop in Granbury, TX. I love Home Depot and their hardware and plant offerings!

The Workshop Sounds Exciting!
I am so glad that Home Depot offers these workshops after work, because if they were offered during that day, I would not be able to attend. The time is ideal - 6:30 pm!

Register for the workshop here -

The Workshop in Granbury
Join me at the Home Depot Do-It-Herself workshop in Granbury on HWY 337 on August 21st at 6:30 pm. :)

Also, if you use Twitter, join a few bloggers for a Twitter Party/Twitter chat on August 14th from 8-9 EST (7-8 CST). Follow Home Depot on Twitter make sure you use the #DIHWorkshop hashtag. Here's some more information - LINK

Will you attend a Home Depot workshop in your area? Did you register? :)

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