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Two years ago, we were very excited about having our little girl and I wanted to ensure that she would become a global citizen (knowledgeable about other cultures and languages).

So, we've made it a point to teach our little one Spanish and to celebrate various holidays around the world. Here is a neat year-based resource for parents who celebrate worldwide holidays on a monthly basis.


January - Chinese New Year (visit a local celebration)

February - Mardi Gras (have a king cake and talk about the significance of the holiday)

March - St. Patrick's Day (color your child's milk green and visit a local St. Patrick's Day parade)
*remember to talk about the significance of the holiday

April - Earth Day (visit for activities and ideas)

May - Cinco de Mayo (celebrate this wonderful holiday with festive food and a Youtube video about the significance of this great holiday).
*Also, in Texas we are very fortunate to have a wealth of Cinco de Maya celebrations in the DFW and Houston areas

June - Midsummer Day (celebrate the longest day of the year by visiting for activities and ideas)
Juneteeth (in Texas) - Celebrate by visiting a local Juneteeth celebrations (especially in East Texas)

July - Canada Day - Surprise your family with pancakes and maple syrup. We also recommend a visit to La Madeline for a neat surprise (sometimes).

August - Ramadan (This holiday lasts 30 days and highlights sacrifice. Learn about Ramadan with a youtube video or visit a local library for more information on this holiday.)

September - Onam (Attend a local boat race celebration this Southern Indian holiday.)

October - Oktoberfest (Make a neat German craft  and drink cider (with pretzels).

November  - Shichi-Go-San (A neat rite-of-passage day for children who are 3, 5, or 7 years old. Find out more about Shichi-Go-San here -

December - Kwanzaa (Visit the local library and check out a Kwanzaa book. Neat holiday!)

Should I add any additional holidays to the list?


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