YouTube Wednesdays - Must Have Travel Items for Toddler Travel

The last time that I flew with my little one, was in the beginning stages of walking and she was VERY easy to keep up with, but now... she walks EVERYWHERE! I am definitely proud of her progress, but this new level of mobility requires more baby gear that I used to take on a plane.

Here is a great video focused on baby gear and what items to take on a plane and which items to leave at home.

Here is my must have list...

1 - Sprout Baby Food for Toddlers

2 - Water Cup and Milk Cup

3 - Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

4 - One or Two Small Board Books

5 - Organic Baby Snacks (Cereal, etc.)

6 - 8-10 Squeeze Packs (Vegetables and Fruits)

7 - Spoon and Fork

8 - Blanket

9 - MORE than enough diapers

10 - MORE than enough wipes

11 - Baby Tylenol

12 - Hand Sanitizer

13 - A Plastic Baby Bjorn Bib

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