Tips for Traveling with Babies, Toddlers, and Kids - Fly in the Afternoon

I love, love, love flying with my little one! She is well behaved, but I really enjoy when she is QUIET on an airplane! When she is quiet or asleep, I can breathe a sigh of relief because I know that she is not disturbing other passengers.

Here are some ways to keep your little one (9m to 2 years) QUIET on long airplane trips...

1 - Fly in the Afternoon
I will admit that I never thought about this BEFORE reading this article in Woman's Day - 7 Things Your Flight Attendant Wants You to Know

2 - Bring Snacks for Your In-Flight Neighbors
I actually heard about this neat idea in my mom's group at the university. One of the moms takes treats for each of her neighbors and she distributes this bags BEFORE the flight begins! Neat idea!

3 - Bring a Musical Book (one that does not make a lot of noise)
This has been a great ways for us to keep baby girl quiet, because she can read the book AND listen to the music. I love the Fisher Price books!

4 - Small Snacks - We ALWAYS keep organic cereal snacks on hand in a plastic baggie before long trip! Here is one of our favorites - Happy Puffs (and Organic Superfood) and it is Gluten Free! This is a quick pack of one strawberry, one banana, and one sweet potato!

5 - The Paci! - Yes, we still use the Paci! Thank GOODNESS for the paci! :)

We are looking for a few additional ideas for travel with children!


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