North Texas Staycation @ the Gaylord Texan! Experiencing Texan Summerfest!

This weekend, we decided to travel from south Fort Worth to Grapevine to spend a few precious hours at the Gaylord Texan! Exciting!

As soon as we arrived, the attentive staff checked us in and we encountered a TALL TEXAN (a man dressed as a cowboy on stilts). It was the total greeting!


Then, we arrived in our room! I was VERY impressed! The room had two sections (a bedroom and a sitting area). The sitting area had access to a balcony and a deluxe Keurig coffee machine! VERY exciting and I was excited to receive the upgrade!

The Sports Bar - We had a great meal on Friday night on the sports bar patio. My husband loved and the 9-screen television and I enjoyed the "outdoor' atmosphere without all of the outdoor elements (i.e. - no insects, no humidity). The burgers were excellent and my husband really enjoyed the sweet potato fries. Excellent customer service!

The Riverwalk Cantina - We enjoyed the Riverwalk Cantina on Saturday afternoon and the service was amazing! We were promptly seated and salsa/chips soon followed. The menu featured a wealth of different options and I settled on the salmon with rice, spinach, and beans. I will definitely come back to the Riverwalk Cantina.

- I have to admit that we were primarily drawn to the Gaylord Texan because of the new waterpark, but we were also interested in the SummerFest Activities.

- This was absolutely awesome! We boarded the bus to the waterpark in the front of the hotel. It was a quick (and scenic) five minute bus ride to the waterpark. When we arrived, we were asked to open our bags and then we entered the park.

We enjoyed the waterpark DJ. He played some of my favorite songs (throwbacks to the 90s) and he interacted with the crowd very well! After 30 minutes of songs and 90s trivia, he had several interactive activities for guests including a dance contest, hula hoop contest, and of course the Wooble. :) It was a hit!

I regret that I did not get to attend the Sunrise Yoga nor the Music and Mimosas, but I will definitely include these activities on my next visit!


Crib Delivered to the Room?
- Yes!

Coffee and Tea Available?
- Actually a deluxe Keurig was available (with six K-cup options available).

Great Restaurant Options?
- Yes! The Gaylord Texan had several options available for vegetarians and people who wish to conserve their funds!

Overall, we had a great time and I hope that we can visit the resort at least one each month. <- This is the plan! :)

Disclaimer - I received no compensation for this review. All of my opinions in this post are based on my own experience.

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